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Stephen Morse

Stephen Morse brings more than 15 years of professional and educational experience to his position as Chief Executive Officer with the Hamlin Shepperd Construction Group. His work in the construction industry has focused primarily on project management, where he has coordinated tasks from preconstruction through completion on numerous projects. Throughout his career he has built up a broad skill set that includes sales, planning, budgeting and identification of resources while working for companies in the Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas areas. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate Development from the University of Mississippi.

Jack Hamlin

Jack Hamlin serves as Chief Operating Officer for the Hamlin Shepperd Construction Group and has worked in various areas of the construction industry for more than a decade. Hamlin gained relevant hands-on skills in different trades before turning his career focus to project management and design work. Since 2013, Hamlin has run his own residential construction company. He is passionate about his work, and focuses on helping his clients by simplifying the construction process. Hamlin is native to the Roanoke Valley and holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from Hampden-Sydney College.

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